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The Song Talk Radio Action Team

The members of the Song Talk Radio Action Team will always be found bravely staying out all night (sometimes past 10pm!) to search the city for the newest and most interesting guests.

Bruce HarrottBruce Harrot


Born and raised in suburban Toronto, at the age of 14 I wanted to be a Beatle (Paul) and took a few guitar lessons.

I played acoustic guitar and sang off and on every year since then. For two decades, I worked as a corporate writer in sales and marketing and was called on to write lyrics for jingles and various presentations.

The leap to writing both the music and the words was a direct result of reading Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way” in 1994. Doing her exercises every day I began to create songs – using a tape recorder to help me remember the melodies. I wrote some 30 songs, some of which were actually worth keeping. I recorded 12 on multi-track tape at a studio in Vancouver, released 10 on a CD (Nipigon) in Whistler, BC in 1996. It’s available on the web.

In the spring of 2012, looking for a connection to other amateur songwriters, I turned to MeetUp.com and found the Songwriters Roundtable in Toronto. I have been going to the monthly meetings ever since. I’ve heard some really great new songs. I continue to look for opportunities to write, play, and collaborate. Long live the song!

You can contact Bruce at bruce(at)songtalk.ca.

NeelNeel Modi


I’ve been writing music in different forms for over 25 years.

I began as a percussionist in school bands, and later self-taught myself the keyboard and wrote many multi-part instrumental pieces including some orchestral music.

Much later on, I began writing songs with lyrics and collaborating with singers. Very recently, I’ve taken on singing in my own recordings.

My approach to songwriting varies from piece to piece, but I always try to develop ideas that best “serve the song.” Currently, I’m working on my own writing, producing and recording songs for other songwriters, and collaborating with other writers. My most recent work is available on my blog.

You can contact Neel at neel(at)songtalk.ca

Phil EmeryPhil Emery


I’ve been creating and thinking about music as long as I can remember.

I’ve always found myself in some band or other, writing and collaborating with others, from the gin soaked jazz trio, Lost Parade, to copyright infringers Surface Noise. Back in the day I fronted a local Toronto band called All The Rage, although I had much spikier hair back then.

These days I’m playing bass and singing in The Parkdale Hookers, while writing whatever comes into my head in my home studio. You can find my latest music forays at TheNoise.ca and at SoundCloud. During the day, I’m the principal at my marketing, graphic design and web design company Focused Creative Communications.

You can contact Phil at phil(at)songtalk.ca

Vanessa Vreeland

producer / social media master

Since joining the Song Talk team as the replacement tweeting machine, know I have big shoes to fill!
I couldn’t be more excited as I’ve been away from a radio station for the past 7 years (eek)! Having studied Radio Broadcasting years ago in London, ON, I knew one day I’d be back in a studio (I just didn’t know when). I took 7 years off to travel the world, try out different careers and live in a few different places, but deep down I knew I was missing something! Every Tuesday I look forward to tweeting you all the exciting details live from the show and info about our guests. And, of course I love hearing from you!

Linda LavenderLinda Lavender

audio guru / social media backup

Music is my passion, swimming instructor is my day job.

Songwriter, singer, instrumentalist…I live for musical collaboration.

I played primarily mandolin in my band Often Running (The Rosseau Sessions), stick to banjo in my duo Lavender & Twang, and my solo performance accompaniment is often my acoustic guitar. Love to play the bass, as well.

My style is eclectic…roots to rock to jazz. The songs take the lead. I’ve acted as host and organizer of two Toronto open mics and the open stage at Mariposa, thereby learning to cover “sound”.

I’m currently recording a new album in my home studio and happily spending Tuesday evenings in the CJRU studio with the Songtalk Team. Visit me on my website.

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