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How to write a Musical – it takes longer than you’d think! with Frank Horvat and Catherine Frid

Long-time friend of the show, songwriter and composer Frank Horvat brought in his musical writing partner Catherine Frid to explain all the steps it took to write and produce their Toronto Fringe hit Spend Your Kids Inheritance.

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What we talked about:

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Book Writing for Musicals with Stephen Witkin

Stephen Witkin joined us again to talk about his career writing the book for various musicals, and shared three songs resulting from his writing.

We talked about:

  • The difference between “On Broadway” and “Off Broadway”
  • Prom Queens Unchained available from Samuel French
  • different sub-genres in musicals
  • the nature of collaboration between book writer, lyricist, and composer
  • what’s an “I Want” song?
  • what the heck is underscoring?

Download the lyrics for the songs.

It was also our very own Bruce’s birthday! Happy birthday Bruce!

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Neel, Bruce, Vanessa, Phil, and Etain

Movies have songs too. Here’s our favourites.

This week we picked our favourite songs from movies. We talked about:

  • La La Land (the movie)
  • People bursting into song for no reason vs. singing in sensible places in the story
  • The Big Chill
  • Movie Musicals
  • key modulation
  • Quentin Tarantino’s unique approach to picking songs for his movies

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Our selections:

holiday team

Holiday Special 2015

For our third holiday special, it was the Song Talk Radio family only – Bruce, Neel, Phil, Janice and Etain (on tech).

Phil shared some interesting holiday song trivia and a Christmas jingle from his old punk-pop band, The Parkdale Hookers. Bruce shared a childhood memory of the holiday season with the Beatles, and Neel shared a quirky musical number from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  Bruce and Neel also took up the challenge to write a song under 60 seconds in the days just before the show. Check out Neel’s blog post about the songwriting process, and his demo recording.

Happy Holidays to all our listeners!