How Song Talk’s Tweeting Songbird Landed in the Studio

Listening to the Tickle

I learned a really important lesson in 2015 that I’m taking with me as we charge ahead into the New Year.

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself to try something completely new – something you’d never expect to be interested in or be able to predict all the doors it would open for you down the road.

When that opportunity arises and you feel your curiosity pique, a buzz of excitement tickle you inside, don’t let fear or doubt dissuade you from what could be the beginning of a fun, life-changing journey!

For me, that unexpected opportunity was diving into the unknown world of radio.

Three weeks into 2015, my Facebook status declared in revelation:

2015 is all about getting out there and exploring unchartered territory! And so far January has been off to an amazing start, from checking out my first songwriters’ circle that motivated me to compose a new tune … to doing something totally unexpected but surprisingly interesting today – a volunteer workshop for Ryerson’s radio programming hub “The Scope”!

I had learned about The Scope at Ryerson from attending my first songwriters’ circle – a Meetup group organized by Bruce Harrott, Neel Modi and Phil Emery – where I discovered that this fab trio are also co-hosts of a show called Song Talk Radio at The Scope.

After returning home from the meetup, I started curiously browsing around The Scope’s website. Lo and behold, there was an announcement that they would be holding a volunteer boot camp in just a couple of days.

Was I in? I had no idea what to expect or what I wanted to come out of it. But I felt the tickle inside and suddenly found myself filling out the registration form and clicking “Submit.”

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