Phil, Mike, Ritah, Jaydn, Marco, Neel, and Don

Jadyn Lamb: How to build your musical career one track at a time

Described as “sickly sweet”, singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb embodies moody electronic pop with a style similar to Lorde and Kate Bush. Jadyn was joined on the show by her producer Marco Palma (Material City). We talked about: FACTOR Canada MusicExpo happening in Mississauga this weekend! Upcoming Song Talk Challenge songwriting challenge: positive lyrics in a minor …

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Neel, Ritah, Mike, Lexi, Jon, Don, and Phil

How Featurette add emotion to Electro-Pop

This week SongTalk welcomed FEATURETTE to our studio. The Toronto-based duo FEATURETTE, formed by singer Lexie Jay and drummer, Jon Fedorsen, makes emotionally-charged, heavy-hitting electro-pop music that has been met with international critical acclaim. After receiving their first full recording grant from FACTOR Canada, the duo released their debut LP CRAVE in October, 2016. The …

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