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Song Talk Radio Songwriting Challenge: Write a song based on a title

Our latest songwriting challenge was to write a song based on the title Why Do You Cry?, submitted to us by Ann Bekooy.

Mike, Neel, and Phil each wrote a song for the challenge, and we also invited our listeners to participate. The answers resulted in great conversations about themes, ideas, lyrical approaches, music theory, and more.

Check out all the episodes:

Neel’s Long & Winding Road: Neel’s Response to the Song Talk Challenge 2022

Song structure choices with Mike’s Songwriting Challenge

Phil’s declarative response to the Songwriting Challenge

Listener Songs: Volume 1 – featuring songwriters Stuart Cook, Nabeel Hussain, David Ray, and Chad Shank

Listener Songs: Volume 2 – featuring songwriters Mark Ippolito, Lynn Moe, and Gilbert Neal

Listener Songs: Volume 3 – featuring songwriters Paul Gallagher, Diane Simone, and Don Thompson

Host Songs Revisited – Mike returned to the show and we all (Neel and Phil included) shared the updated versions of our challenge answers.

Bonus Episode: Listener Songs: Volume 4 – featuring songwriters Andy Vann, Mira Chorik, and Sunny Zaman

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