Neel, Phil, Mike, and Melanie
Neel, Phil, Mike, and Melanie

Writing From The Heart with Melanie Peterson

BBC Radio has called Melanie, “Mary Poppins with a broken heart” and that is just part of her appeal. Besides her beautiful voice, Melanie is a terrific songwriter with lots of great songs to prove it. Her tune “Christmas Breaks My Heart” was a finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest. And now Melanie has a new 6-song EP out “We Got This” released in late November 2020. She dropped by the SongTalk Radio (virtual) studio to play us her favourite from the bunch and let us in on how she creates.

Melanie shared her original song, Do You Want to Be Loved? Download the lyrics to follow along.

We talked with Melanie about:

  • the benefit of collaborating with other artists and the joy of working solo
  • changing her songwriting process
  • the inspiration for the songs on her new EP
  • how she makes livestreams work
  • the concept of “writing with intention”

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