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Writing a song based on a name with Sean Bertram

Sean Bertram returns to the show to talk about his new album.

In the past four years, Sean Bertram has released his debut album (The Right Place, 2018), graduated at the top of his class from Humber College’s prestigious Bachelor of Music program, released his first EP (Echo, 2020), and won “Best Pop Song in North America” in the Intercontinental Music Awards for his song “Against My Will”, all while performing countless shows across Toronto, both as a solo acoustic artist and a high-energy five-piece band. Sean has also released three new singles recently ahead of his new, self-titled sophomore album, which is being released on September 17th. A virtuosic guitarist and stunning lyricist well beyond his years, Sean’s musical potential is only exceeded by his passion for the craft.

We talked about:

  • Writing a song based on a name
  • Are simple chords better than wacky jazz chords in songwriting

Download the lyrics to Angeline to follow along.

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