Neel, Phil, Lexie, and Jordana
Neel, Phil, Lexie, and Jordana

Voices Only with Jordana Talsky

We have a fascinating show this episode with our special guest, Jordana Talsky. Jordana is a singer, songwriter and vocal looper who fuses multi-genre influences into her own sound. She accompanies herself by voice with a Roland Boss RC505 loop station. Her ethos is to incorporate digital means into live performance in an organic way, and with the loop machine, she creates a choir on the spot with no pre-recorded parts. She joined us this episode to talk about her latest release, Zahava.

There was lots to discuss, as you can imagine, including:

Including topics like:

  • how do you write for loops?
  • working with a collaborator
  • how does a background in choir and musical theatre help?
  • what is the production process for working with loops in a studio?
  • are chord progressions more difficult with loops?


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Jordana on YouTube

Jordana on Soundcloud

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