Mike, Loryn, Neel and Phil
Mike, Loryn, Neel and Phil

Turning emotions into songs with poetry with Loryn Taggart

This week we welcomed Loryn Taggart back to the show, after her first appearance almost five years ago! The fast-rising jazz artist just released her album Irene, but showcased two of her other songs, The Guest and The Wedding Song.

We talked about:

  • the recent passing of Little Richard, Dave Greenfield (keyboardist for the Stranglers), and Florian Schneider (co-founder of Kraftwerk)
  • an interesting video about scams that target musicians
  • how Loryn always starts with the music, not the lyrics
  • the music scene in Montreal
  • transitioning from emotions to writing poetic lyrics that can be interpreted differently
  • how Loryn takes inspiration from other musicians and artists
  • the balance between clever and cheesy

Download the lyrics to follow along:

The Guest

The Wedding Song

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