Neel, Phil, Mike, and Marlon
Neel, Phil, Mike, and Marlon

Trusting in your producer with Marlon Chaplin

This week, Marlon Chaplin joined us again to talk about how trusting in his producer/collaborator made all the difference in creating a new direction for his new album, Synestalgia.

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Marlon Chaplin is back with a brand new full length album, the first since 2018’s critically acclaimed rock record, ‘The Circle’. His latest is ‘Synestalgia’, an album that marries his gift for melody and lyric with the sonic texture of accomplished producer, Ewan Kay.

‘Synestalgia’, a portmanteau of “synesthesia” and “nostalgia” is a colourful and vast auditory landscape that encompasses the listener with lush synth pads, explosive instrumental breaks and haunting vocal delivery.

‘Synestalgia’ is available to stream on all major platforms. Look out for its vinyl release in the near future.

We talked about:

  • working with producer Ewan Kay to shift from guitar-based rock to synth pop
  • how writing with basslines can enable better vocal melodies
  • deadlines are great for getting a song done
  • writing lyrics that are open to interpretation
  • Marlon’s previous appearance on Song Talk Radio, talking about his rock album The Circle

Download the lyrics to Marlon’s song Slipstream to follow along.

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