Neel, Greg, Phil, and Mike
Neel, Greg, Phil, and Mike

The crazy tales of rock n’ roller Greg Godovitz

This week old school rock n’ roller Greg Godovitz enthralled us with tales from his long career and some great songwriting tips. You’ll never look at Shepard’s Pie the same way again!

Legendary Canadian musician and author Greg Godovitz continues to be an open book with the release of his new book, Up Close And Uncomfortable — available now! As a member of Fludd, Godovitz held eight Top 10 hits — including SOCAN Hall of Fame inductees with over 100,000+ airplays a-piece, “Cousin Mary,” “Brother and Me,” and “Turned 21.” As a member of Goddo, he released 11 albums while touring extensively; one such concert was front and centre for its 35th anniversary as a big-screen movie, The Return of the Pretty Bad Boys, in 2014.

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