Neel and Phil
Neel and Phil

Songwriting Challenge 2022: Listener Songs Volume 4

We continue to receive submissions from our listeners to our songwriting challenge. Thanks to everyone for their contributions! On this bonus listener episode, we feature songs by Andy Vann, Mira Chorik, and Sunny Zaman.

We talked about:

  • The Song Talk Meetup
  • Why do you write songs? Send us a message and let us know!
  • Rhythmic differences between verse and chorus
  • Blending global and personal contexts as a response to “Why Do You Cry?”
  • Maintaining a clear and consistent point-of-view in your song
  • Finding the best way to end your song
  • Traditional sing-song-y melodies
  • Writing with melody first, without any instruments
  • Using non-verbal hooks in your song, and the song Loving You by Minnie Riperton
  • Ending your song with the bridge (which maybe makes it not a bridge, but a coda, but you know what we mean :))
  • The use of melisma with our recent guest, Alicia Toner

Download the lyrics to follow along:

Andy Vann – Why Do You Cry

Mira Chorik – Why Do You Cry (the Onion)

Sunny Zaman – Why do you cry

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