Neel, Phil, and Vivek
Neel, Phil, and Vivek

Self-Healing Through Hip-hop with Vivek Mehmi

Mississauga-based hip-hop artist Vivek Mehmi talks about his creative process through hardships, beat-making, poetry, and his song Around Your Finger.

We talked about:

  • Hip-hop songs structures with verses and hooks
  • Striking a balance between a hook’s catchiness, flow, and message
  • Taking inspiration from the 80s – objectively, the greatest decade ever in music! (Please note, opinions expressed in this bullet point do not necessarily reflect those of Song Talk Radio, its affiliates, or our insect alien overlords.)
  • Recording small ideas on your phone
  • Ensuring you work with the right producers, mixers, and mastering engineers
  • Linn Drums
  • Working at establishing your own voice in your songs and vocal performance

Download the lyrics to follow along:

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