Neel, Mike, Vanessa, and Phil
Neel, Mike, Vanessa, and Phil

Remembering John Prine

On this episode we are talking about the great John Prine. This American treasure, perhaps a modern day Mark Twain, a peerless songwriter and chronicler of the lives of regular folk sadly passed away recently – one of the many victims of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since his death, many of todays music’s stars have sung his praises as a musician and as a great human being.

Now it’s our turn to pay tribute to one of the great modern songwriters, John Prine. We look at three of his iconic songs and talk about what we have learned from him.

“Sam Stone” – an early song of Prine’s. By turns provocative, heartfelt and well-observed it tells the story of a drug-addicted Vietnam veteran.

“Souvenirs” – a song of loss that leads to a discussion of where inspiration for songs come from.

And “Angel From Montgomery”, perhaps Prine’s most famous song. A great tune that has been covered many times in many ways. Hear one of the most original covers of this modern songwriting standard.

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