Mike, Bobby & Sarah, Phil, and Neel
Mike, Bobby & Sarah, Phil, and Neel

Recording at The Warehouse with Focus Your Audio

For our final show of 2020, Vancouver’s “Focus Your Audio” stopped by to talk about production and creating music as a couple.

We talked about:


Vancouver-based duo Focus Your Audio’s latest single “Over There” has been picked up by radio stations across the country and has received rave reviews from around the world, including here at home by Canadian legend Ron Sexmith. With over 15,000 streams in its first week, it’s easy to understand why they’ve been coined “one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets” by legendary Canadian producer, Adam Hurstfield. Their new Roots-infused, Country/Americana track was produced by Canadian music powerhouse Mike Young (bassist – Mother Mother) and engineered by Karl Dicaire (Mother Mother, Iskwe, Big Wreck).

The duo have just released their brand new music video for “Over There”, directed by Jonathan Fluevog, music industry leader turned film director and son of iconic Canadian shoe mogul John Fluevog. Filmed in Ladner, BC, the video is a perfect compliment to the lyrics, melody, and overall meaning of the song. Sarah moves through the picturesque forest alone, as she performs the lyrics about a couple having trouble grasping how an argument allowed them to drift apart. With Bobby playing guitar and Sarah meeting him in the clearing amidst the sunset, the video for “Over There” perfectly captures the emotion and meaning of the song.

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