Mike, Phil, and Colm
Mike, Phil, and Colm

Poetry, Comedy, and Tragedy in Songwriting with Colm Gavin

Colm Gavin is a Dublin based Irish singer/songwriter currently signed to BEO Records home to The First Lady of Celtic Music Moya Brennan. Colm’s first two solo releases (Your Endless Slumber/A Voice For The Urban Darlings) both reached reached number 1 in the Irish Charts at the time of their release. Singles from his debut album have reached the top ten in notable Indie charts in Norway, Australia, USA, Canada & Japan. He has made notable inroads in the American market with his music currently being playlisted on over 50 stations across the US & Canada. He is presently co-writing with one of Ireland’s most notable & beloved songwriters Charlie McGettigan {Eurovision winner 1994 with Paul Harrington: Rock n Roll kids}. Gavin’s most recent release “The 1992 Tapes” EP reached #1 in the Irish Singer/Songwriter Charts, #4 in the Pop Charts, #56 in the Billboard 100 in the United States & #81 in the Italian Pop Charts.

We talked about:

  • Pontypool movie
  • Songwriting Challenge
  • Starting music as an extra-curricular activity
  • The difference between academically trained and self-taught songwriters
  • Using great poetry to practice developing melodies
  • What’s a “weepy” chord anyway?
  • How to make your song work when you have a lot of words
  • The close relationship between comedy and tragedy

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