Neel, Phil, and Mike
Neel, Phil, and Mike

Our Listeners’ Songs – what you are writing

This week SongTalk featured a few songs from our listeners. And it was loads of fun.

We chose three of our listeners’ songs to take a closer listen to.

Stuart Cook – near Manchester, England penned a delightful song inspired by the view from a hill near his home. Earthbound, his song has a traditional feel with a beautiful vocal melody. Download the lyrics for Earthbound.

Matt Oshin – a singer/songwriter/surfer influenced by the Florida coastal sounds has created a very honest and moving song about life without a father. Download the lyrics to Come Back.

Scott Westerman – a postman in South Yorkshire England, presented us with a wonderfully produced tune that deals with the difficulty of starting over after a heartbreak. Download the lyrics to Out of the Cold.

These compositions led to many good discussions like:

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