Mike, Neel, and Phil
Mike, Neel, and Phil

Music – the International Language

This week SongTalk tried something a little different. We brought in some our favourite songs sung in a different language than English.

They say music is the international language so we thought we would put that to the test. Phil, Neel and Mike each presented three songs in a language other than English and we talked about what it was that made them so appealing.

Topics that came up:

  • the first time we were aware of a song in another tongue
  • what you gain from listening to a song when you don’t understand the lyrics
  • how does the distinctive rhythm of a language affect the song
  • where do you best discover music from other places

Check out our Spotify playlist for this episode!

Some links to our featured songs:

Music Tales: Azam Ali’s magnificent vocal journeys through languages

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