Neel, Mike, Phil, and Jay
Neel, Mike, Phil, and Jay

Making Your Influences Your Own with Jay Gordon Wright

This week SongTalk welcomed Jay Gordon Wright to our show.

Jay a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and performer who has entertained audiences around the world. He is classically trained on violin, and has expanded his musical toolshed to include just about every instrument he can get his hands on. Writing songs at the piano or with a guitar, his trademark style often includes dense vocal arrangements, vintage textures, and earworm melodies.

We had a great chat with Jay about his new EP Fall For Anyone and his song Take Your Time from that release. It is a wonderfully melodic pop song, brilliantly crafted with certain Beatle-esque touches. And that led to a great discussion about the Beatles. So check it out.

Download the lyrics for Take Your Time to follow along.

We talked with Jay about:

  • his process for writing and where inspiration comes
  • how to acknowledge your influences and still chart your own path
  • analog versus digital recording
  • the way song structure can used as a tool to express your musical ideas
  • his digital concert series in support of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

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