Alex Cuba, Phil, Neel, and Mike
Alex Cuba, Phil, Neel, and Mike

Making complicated sound simple with Alex Cuba

Canadian Juno and Latin Grammy winning artist, Alex Cuba joined us to talk about his songwriting process and perform a new song, Solo Mia, live on the show.

We talked about:

  • Alex’s first visit to Canada as part of his father’s band
  • How a melody-first way of songwriting tells Alex what the song is about
  • The differences between solo writing and collaborating with others
  • How to develop unique and rich chord progressions (hint: jazz)
  • Writing in Spanish vs English
  • How Alex’s playing style is unique to him, and why this is important – this applies to everyone!
  • Alex’s song Solo Mia, and its unique structure
  • “Talent is the ability to make something complicated sound simple” (borrowed from John Coltrane)

Download the lyrics (Spanish and English) for Solo Mia

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