Kelli Baker on writing songs full of atmosphere

“Six Feet Under” sees Baker’s notable smoky, sensual and illustrious vocals draped in an air of whiskey-soaked mystery. Lyrically, the track finds Kelli Baker speaking with deep-rooted assurance; acting as a melodic “try me”. Baker sings from a perspective that comes with experience. A bit jaded, yes- but on solid ground, so to speak. Almost as if she embodies a tree with massive roots.

“Six Feet Under” marries a game of hide and seek with power. Lyrically acting out a “catch me if you can” dance, the single functions as a sonic tango; a push and pull power dynamic.

Teaming up with multi-platinum producer, Philip A. Jimenez (Wheatus, Teenage Dirtbag), Kelli Baker brings the bones, and Jimenez adds the air in the room. “Six Feet Under” was produced at Milk House Studios in Huntington, NY.

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