Mike, Neel, Phil, and Dokter Nomi
Mike, Neel, Phil, and Dokter Nomi

How To Write Songs (if you don’t play an instrument)

This week SongTalk welcomed Doktor Nomi to our studio.

Admittedly Nomi is not a real doctor but he does have a unique and interesting way of creating music. As a topliner and lyricist, Nomi frequently works with other collaborators to create his music. Most recently, he and SongTalk’s own Neel Modi have been working together and Doktor Nomi brought one of those new songs for us to hear.

We talked with Nomi about:

  • how other artists’ songs provide an starting point for his music
  • why having a set lyric-writing style can be productive
  • how to communicate your ideas to instrumentalists

Lyrics for Nomi’s song, “Liar”

Check out Neel’s blog for his process behind this collaboration.

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