Neel, Ritah, Mike, Lexi, Jon, Don, and Phil
Neel, Ritah, Mike, Lexi, Jon, Don, and Phil

How Featurette add emotion to Electro-Pop

This week SongTalk welcomed FEATURETTE to our studio.

The Toronto-based duo FEATURETTE, formed by singer Lexie Jay and drummer, Jon Fedorsen, makes emotionally-charged, heavy-hitting electro-pop music that has been met with international critical acclaim.

After receiving their first full recording grant from FACTOR Canada, the duo released their debut LP CRAVE in October, 2016. The duo have played alongside such notable acts as Alessia Cara, Dear Rouge and Walk Off the Earth – to name just a few.

FEATURETTE’s distinctive honesty and grit is front and centre in their sophomore album Dream Riot which was just released on January 17th via all streaming platforms. They brought their high energy and love of music to our studio to chat about all things musical. And, of course, their bunny head.

We talked with Lexie and Jon about:

  • the unique reason that Featurette was formed
  • how Lexie uses the sounds of words to spur her lyric writing
  • the way songs evolve from solo piano to sonic songscapes
  • the role music video plays in the concept of Featurette
  • creating melody from non-melodic sources
  • our previous show on Protest Songs

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