Mike, Don, Phil, and Neel
Mike, Don, Phil, and Neel

Home Recording and Digital Audio Workstations – Part 1

This week SongTalk dives into how to best use DAWs or Digital Audio workstations.

Home recording is booming and it’s not just because of Covid. Musicians have long been using different software at home to do what used to cost thousands of dollars in a professional recording studio. How do make the most of your home studio?

Joined by our good friend Don Thomson, SongTalk looks at some of some of our favourite recording software – Cubase, Logic and Cakewalk by Bandlab –  as we discuss the most effective ways to make fantastic music in the comfort of your own home.

Including topics like:

  • why we chose the software we use
  • how to construct a song in a way that fits your approach to songwriting
  • what are the key things to know about working with your DAW


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