Neel, Mike, Phil, Paul, and Sherry
Neel, Mike, Phil, Paul, and Sherry

Funky Collaboration with Jellyfish Interrupted

Now physically- distanced duo Jellyfish Interrupted stopped by to talk about how they constructed a funky, lyric-driven track.

We talked about:

Jellyfish Interrupted is funk with a twist. The band formed when songwriters Paul Vos and Sherry Jacoby merged their styles to create a unique blend of retro disco and modern indie. After recording 5 studio tracks for their debut EP, they joined forces with Neel Modi and Nabil Durzi to record live videos of their groovy tracks. Their debut EP “Groove With You” was released on March 12 and is now available on all streaming platforms! You can follow Jellyfish Interrupted on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest updates.

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