Neel, Mike, Phil, Nabil, and Michael Massaro
Neel, Mike, Phil, Nabil, and Michael Massaro

Electro Jazz with Nabil Durzi & Michael Massaro and recording your library of songs

Nabil Durzi & Michael Massaro stopped by to talk about adding jazz to electro.

We talked about:

  • Phil’s Drumset update
  • The drumset
  • How do you record all your songs? How “finished” are they?
  • Using a spreadsheet to keep tabs of your songs in progress
  • Cakewalk gets left off of VST integrations


Nabil, is a pro bassist, music producer, recording artist, collaborator, and founder of Grooves Audio Production in 2004, also a band member of the groovy funky band Jellyfish Interrupted with Paul Vos, Sherry Jacoby, and of course Neel Modi.

Shine on’ is an EDM single release available now on all major music platforms and Bandcamp, I’ve written a few years ago also an Extended remix, I presented to my great friend of mine Michael Massaro an exceptional Sax, Soprano player, and producer he is part of the co-writing process in this track. Michael and I worked on many tracks together in the past and currently, we will be releasing another new single that I wrote called ‘New World’ Michael is a co-writer and producer as well in this track.

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