Neel, Phil, Mike, and Don
Neel, Phil, Mike, and Don

DAW Tips Part 2: All about MIDI

For our second episode on tips for using your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) at home, we talk all about MIDI and the different ways it can be used to better your home recordings.

We talked about:

  • James Gordon Songwriting Retreat (Sep 9 to 12)
  • what is MIDI and a brief history
  • MIDI notes and velocity
  • quantizing your MIDI performance
  • how MIDI can also be used in lighting systems and guitar pedals
  • viewing MIDI in a piano roll view, staff view, or event view
  • how MIDI can also be used as a transport control for your DAW
  • using drum maps
  • using articulation switches to trigger different performance phrases or articulations (e.g. legato, sustain, sforzando, pizzicato, tremolo, etc)

Check out our first episode in this series: Home Recording and Digital Audio Workstations – Part 1

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