Mike, David, Ritah, Neel, Don, and Phil
Mike, David, Ritah, Neel, Don, and Phil

David McLachlan: That Nashville sound.

This week SongTalk welcomed David McLachlan to our studio.

David McLachlan is a prolific songwriter with 7 albums released, one in the can, for release next Aug 2020. Several years ago David ventured to Nashville to record with some stellar A-list players. He found that experience to be so rewarding it changed the way he recorded all his subsequent albums. David talks about that and assorted live experiences. Watch for him coming up at Winterfolk in Toronto late Feb 2020, and then he heads back to the famous The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, early March 2020.


We talked with David about:

  • what sparks his creative muse
  • how he first started and why he records in Nashville
  • what the recording process is like in Nashville
  • how he ended up in a Scottish jail
  • how he approaches the craft of songwriting





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