Gilbert, Phil, Neel, and Mike
Gilbert, Phil, Neel, and Mike

Creating a Concept Album with Gilbert Neal

This week Song Talk Radio welcomed Gilbert Neal to our studio.

A master song craftsman, Gilbert Neal – on his latest release Mistakes of Memory shows the depth and diversity of his influences: Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Stephen Sondheim. Relying on his mastery of musical theatre and zeal for classic prog, Neal has crafted a narrative of longing and disconnection, a timeless pop curio that recalls nothing so much as the adventurousness of ‘70s rock. Yet in his mastery of rock, funk, folk, blues, jazz, and even musical theatre, he embodies the modern pop artist: an intrepid tourist of styles.

We talked with Neal about:

  • the inspiration and concept behind Mistakes of Memory
  • how working as a solo artist has freed him creatively
  • the way songs work together to form a larger whole
  • the process he uses to create a concept album
  • using key modulations in his songs


ttps:// at Wampus, the record company he records for.

Twitter: @MrGilbertNeal
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