Mike, Neel, Matt, and Peter
Mike, Neel, Matt, and Peter

Catchy and complex songs by Peter McDermott

Peter McDermott is a New York City based singer and songwriter. He grew up in the Long Island music scene playing with several alternative and punk bands before going out on his own.

Peter has become known for his distinct ability to write for various genres. His first release, One Big Picture Show, mixed his alt rock roots with a folksy storytelling type of songwriting. The EP featured the breakout single, “Life of the Party”, which has been played over 20,000 times on Spotify and is used as the intro song for the popular podcast, The Redflag Collectors.

His music has been reviewed and featured in multiple music blogs, websites, and a full spread Shutter 16 magazine. Additionally, his music is in regular rotation on over two dozens radio stations throughout the US and the UK.

His new album, The Camera Eye, is out now on all major music platforms.

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