Neel, Phil, and Mike
Neel, Phil, and Mike

All about MIDI 2.0 with Mike Kent

As part of our ongoing series of episodes about recording in your home studios, we talk to MIDI expert Mike Kent about MIDI 2.0 and the what the future holds.

We talked about:

  • Our first episode about MIDI from July 2021: All about MIDI
  • How MIDI 2.0 introduces discoverability, meaning that your DAW can automatically know about all the controls of any MIDI device plugged into it, and in the future, you’ll never have to program knob or slider controls for your MIDI device
  • The massively increased resolutions of MIDI 2.0 in terms of controllers and velocity, giving more realistic musical expressions
  • How product developers and software developers are preparing for MIDI 2.0

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