Mike, Phil, Neel, and Delyn
Mike, Phil, Neel, and Delyn

90s Grunge Revival with Delyn Grey

Delyn Grey is a Toronto-based artist looking to break some barriers via alt-rock waves. Delyn’s voice is rooted in the contemporary, but has a unique depth and richness of timbre, and maturity of emotion that distinguishes her not only from her like-aged peers, but from older, established artists as well.

Delyn shared the process behind her song Listen to the Thunder. We talked about:

  • 90s grunge music
  • writing for yourself vs. for others
  • writing on piano vs. guitar
  • working with producer Justin Abedin
  • how having a lot of space is good for your melodies
  • how to go from a “stream of consciousness” to a more refined song
  • Art Bergmann becomes a Member of the Order of Canada, for his “indelible contributions to the Canadian punk music scene, and for his thought-provoking discourse on social, gender and racial inequalities

Download the lyrics to Listen to the Thunder to follow along.

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