Neel, Phil, and Mike
Neel, Phil, and Mike

2nd Annual Songwriter Challenge: Listener Songs #2

This week we welcomed five more songwriters who sent us their answers to our latest songwriting challenge, to write a song with a single chord progression throughout. We got two protest songs, a song about social media, a rather tense relationship, and of course, COVID-19. We were so pleased to receive submissions from all over the world; thanks for sharing!

We talked about:

  • How Phil found a neat way to use a simple looper pedal in his studio
  • Being clear about your message in a protest song
  • Using as few words as possible in your lyrics
  • The hosts’ answers to the songwriting challenge
  • The first batch of listener’s answers to the songwriting challenge

Download the lyrics to follow along:

  1. Tracey Dey – Messing with my Head
  2. Mark Ippolito – Another Mother’s Son
  3. Jo Faulkner – Give Me Time
  4. Sunny Zaman – The world has let its children down
  5. Jeff Putnam – Life is Hard

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