Mike, Neel, and Phil
Mike, Neel, and Phil

2nd Annual Songwriter Challenge: Listener Songs #1

We got a ton of great submissions to our 2nd Annual Songwriters Challenge: Write a song that uses the same chord progression for the Verse, Chorus and Bridge, here are the first 4 selections.

  • Sadie Aliza- Dirty Introvert
  • Lorenzo Policelli – Tessler_s Bagel Shop
  • Mike Davies – An Algorithm Said – AndersonofaPainter
  • Don Thompson – Interstellar Love

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  1. Hey Guys, thank you very much for ‘throwing me in the deep end’ and playing An Algorithm Said. I REALLY appreciated the well-considered feedback. Yes, I was a bit cheeky with the D dwell time but good conversation! Thank you again. Mike>>

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