the STR Gang and winners of the Elton John biopic Rocketman ticket contest infront of the movie poster

The STR Gang and winners had a blast at the Rocketman Movie PreScreeing on Wednesday!

We had a blast at the prescreening of the new Elton John bio-pic Rocketman on Wednesday! The winners of our Rocketman Free Ticket Contest and the gang met at a pub before hand and then went to the theatre to catch the invite only event. They had a male chorus singing RocketMan which was pretty cool. Much thanks to the awesome folks at Paramount Pictures for helping us put this together!

Keep an eye open when we do a special “Rocketman Movie” show all about this movie where we all share what we loved about this film (spoiler: everyone actually really liked it – even Michael!)

A great movie and well worth seeing. Get your tickets here:

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