Neel Modi

Neel is a songwriter, producer, and musician. In his home studio, he writes and records his own songs, collaborations, and produces for local singer-songwriters. You can check out his musical forays at his blog.

Songwriting Challenge

Our Songwriting Challenge  is well under-way, and we’ll be showcasing our songs on the January 28 episode. We really want to hear from our listeners, so please take part in this challenge too – send us your song to be featured on a future episode.

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Screenshot of Spotify playlist

Our Best Songs of the 2010s Playlist

Here’s our first Spotify playlist, our picks for the best songs of the decade! Bonus points if you can figure out who’s choices are Mike’s, Neel’s or Phil’s. And just to mix it up we’ve also included picks from our super-fan Mike MacInnis. Mike will also be joining us tonight for our Best Songs of …

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Musician in Residence: get 1 hour with Dave Bidini!

Thanks to Tony from yesterday’s Song Talk Meetup for bringing this amazing opportunity to us. Toronto Public Library’s Musician in Residence program offers up workshops, master classes, and a one-hour one-on-one with Rheostatics founder Dave Bidini. Check out for details and to sign up. All you need is a Toronto Public Library card!

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