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7pm EST: Kelsey Vaz talks songwriting with the team

Kelsey Vaz is a 24 year old R&B singer/songwriter from Ottawa, based in Toronto. She started making music at the age of 7, replacing karaoke songs with her own words. In 2017 she released my first single called Focus, followed by 4 more including ‘Put You On’ in 2018. Her singles have been heard on Flow 93.5 Toronto Take Over and Spotify playlists like Viral Hits Canada and New Music Friday.

Her main inspiration throughout the years have been Stevie Wonder, Brandy and Beyonce. Mixing sultry R&B with the energy pop and the bounce of hiphop. Her most recent achievements have been performing with Daniel Caesar in his choir for the Freudian Tour, headlining a sold out show at Ppl Nightclub in Ottawa, writing a top 4 and top 100 song in the CBC Searchlight competition, competing in Honey Jam and recently graduating from the Remix Program. Kelsey is currently working on her EP ‘Rogue’ due to release in August.

Download the lyrics

Focus – K Vaz + M Moore

Put You On

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