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Letting songs steep with Carmen Toth

Carmen Toth / Social Potion joined us for the second time to talk about a new song, and an older one, both of which are appearing on her upcoming album.

Stuff we talked about:

  • writing lyrics first, songs first, or improvising on the fly during a jam/collaboration
  • journalling / creating a “lyrics bank”
  • starting a song from an emotion
  • marketing to promote other artists
  • memorable titles in the world of singles
  • working with a producer to focus the song structure and strengthen commercial appeal
  • writing universal, relatable lyrics
  • using a bridge to bring a new perspective into the song

Download Carmen’s lyrics for the show.…

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Heather, Carmen, Phil, Neel, Michael, Vanessa, and Bruce

Where’s My Hair Gel? The Best of the 80’s Draft

Carmen Toth stopped by to play our first attempt at a “Best Songs of the  80’s” Draft!

Phil’s better half, Heather, volunteered to keep score: Bruce 8, Carmen 9, Neel 9, Phil 9.

Listen to the episode:

Let us know your fav 80s songs, and be sure to check out this super interesting video about the happy accident that resulted in the iconic gated snare sound of the 80s:

A big shout-out to The Incomparable Podcast where we got the idea for the draft show from!…

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Phil, Bruce, Brighid, Carmen and Vanessa

Brighid Fry: Songwriting with multiple collaborators

Teenaged singer-songwriter Brighid Fry joins us to talk about her many collaborations and solo songwriting processes. Singer-songwriter Carmen Toth filled in for Neel – thanks Carmen! We talked about:

  • the challenges of being a teenaged singer-songwriter
  • collaborating in different bands
  • songs written for placement in TV, movies, etc
  • are perfect rhymes overrated?

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