COVID-19 Hiatus

To all our valued listeners and guests,

Song Talk Radio will be on a (hopefully short) hiatus. The station where we record the podcast is pretty small, and our guests are literally within spitting distance of the hosts and others.

In the meantime, we’ll be re-publishing some of our favourite theme episodes in our Throwback Thursday Themeshows series!

You can also take a listen to our vast archive of shows, read our blog, and take advantage of isolation and get some songwriting or recording done!


Michael, Neel, Phil, Don, and Vanessa

Fresh Content

Show date:  May. 22, 2020

Neel, Mike, and Phil

This week on SongTalk we look at a simple songwriting technique that may be more complicated than you think – songs with one chord progression.

That’s right, no guest this week just the SongTalk team – Phil, Neel and Mike – talking about the ways songs with just one series of chords repeated over and over have become huge hits. What’s the secret? Take a listen.

We talked about:

  • where the single-chord idea came from historically
  • how lyrics can make a big difference
  • what arrangement of melodies work best
  • how production can be help and when it’s a cheat
  • creating dynamics with tension and release

Listen to the songs in full on our Spotify playlist or watch the videos:




Show date:  May. 17, 2020

Mike, Loryn, Neel and Phil

This week we welcomed Loryn Taggart back to the show, after her first appearance almost five years ago! The fast-rising jazz artist just released her album Irene, but showcased two of her other songs, The Guest and The Wedding Song.

We talked about:

  • the recent passing of Little Richard, Dave Greenfield (keyboardist for the Stranglers), and Florian Schneider (co-founder of Kraftwerk)
  • an interesting video about scams that target musicians
  • how Loryn always starts with the music, not the lyrics
  • the music scene in Montreal
  • transitioning from emotions to writing poetic lyrics that can be interpreted differently
  • how Loryn takes inspiration from other musicians and artists
  • the balance between clever and cheesy

Download the lyrics to follow along:

The Guest

The Wedding Song

Show date:  May. 07, 2020

Neel, Vanessa, Bruce and Phil

In this throwback from 2017, we talked about the benefits of attending the live Song Talk Meetup (formerly the Songwriter’s Meetup, formerly the Songwriter’s Cafe). This month’s meetup (May 2020) is online (and will be for the next while), so wherever you are in the world, you can attend. We hope to see you there!