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Show date:  May. 14, 2019

Live on CJRU1280AM Toronto or listen to the live-stream at https://songtalk.ca

This is Pena a singer / songwriter from the UK who comes over to Toronto once a year to see her family that are based here. A solo artist who regularly performs at the Open Mic circuit both in London and when she’s over here, downtown Toronto. As well as Open Mics, she is starting to gain a following within the Steampunk Community where she also embraces her inner Steampunk and regularly plays at the Steampunk events back in the UK. As well as performing her material under her name of ‘Pena’ (Peh-nah), she also is working on her other projects, collectively known as the United Collaboration Project. An umbrella name where she records various other works. She is presently working two albums and a second EP. One of the albums known as Alutepena Diaries and the other under her other project name (namely her songs) The Heartfelt Dreamland Project which is a mixture of different genres of music, heavily influenced by Phil Spector as well as other eclectic music styles.

Download the lyrics:


Keeping the Score – lyrics

Show date:  May. 12, 2019

This week SongTalk welcomed Adriel Smiley to our studio. Adriel is the Music Director of CJRU – Ryerson’s Radio station – and Adriel brought a wealth of information about college radio and the best way musicians can get their music played on these stations.

On this episode, Adriel gave a lot of tips and best practices for artists to follow and explained the process of how songs are chosen to be played on college radio. He also brought in a track from a great new artist he discovered through his role as Music Director – Haviah Mighty.

We talked with Adriel about:

  • the best way to approach college radio stations
  • how to prepare a package to showcase your music
  • what he looks for in new artists
  • how often new music is added to college playlists
  • which musical genres are most likely to get attention

Show date:  May. 05, 2019

Back row: Michael, Alon, Ivan, Neel, and Phil. Front row: Ritah and Micah.

Audio Insurgency returned to the show to talk about a boat load of music stuff, as well as showcasing two of their pop songs. We talked about:

  • Vox’s Earworm videos, in particular the one in support of fade-outs in recordings
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast episode about country music, The King of Tears
  • writing and placing music for video games
  • getting your songs into placement for TV or movies
  • the role of the producer in the creation of songs for maximum impact
  • writing a song completely in the digital realm (Abelton Live, in this case)
  • why deadlines are a good thing

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Show date:  Apr. 28, 2019

Back row: Phil, Lisa, Frank, Micah, and Michael. Front row: Vanessa, Ritah, and Neel

There are many Government Grants out there that can help you expand your songwriting career. The unstoppable team of Frank and Lisa Horvat stopped by and shared some fantastic tips to get funding for your musical projects.

Listen to the show:

Show date:  Apr. 19, 2019

Back row: Michael, Blair, Linda, Neel, and Phil. Front row: Ritah and Micah

This week SongTalk Radio has a special episode celebrating the 35th anniversary of the classic film, “This Is Spinal Tap”. And joining us in our trip down memory lane is one of our favourite guests on the show Blair Packham. We talk about where and when we first encountered this classic cult comedy and how true it was to our own experiences in the music business (hint: very!)

On this episode, Neel, Phil, Michael and Blair talk about:

  • how the film was made
  • what has made the movie so popular many decades later
  • our favourite Spinal Tap moments
  • why this early mock-umentary was so influential