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Every Tuesday, we talk to a songwriter from any style and from any ability level to explore techniques that will actually help you write better, more memorable and more successful songs. Since November 2013, we’ve talked to many songwriters, from beginners to professionals and everything in between and had a blast each and every show. Join us and get those songs moving!

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Show date:  Jan. 23, 2018

Her raw talent as a songwriter is well matched to her angelic yet gritty voice & Bohemian personality. Authentic and inspiring, she exudes a warmth through her music that is attracting an ever-growing fan-base, and already has mentions on blogs Wolf in a Suit, SSG Music,, Elite Muzik, Future House Cloud, Ride the Tempo, and that’s just in the first week of her Woke Up This Morning single. She’s in Toronto, and think Lisa Loeb, Jewel, and you’re almost there.

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BLEED lyrics



Show date:  Jan. 21, 2018

Phil, Bruce, Jeffery, Linda, Vanessa, and Neel

Canadian and internationally-reaching singer/songwriter Jeffery Straker joined us to talk about his process, collaborations, and great songwriting advice.

We talked about:

  • Conservatory training vs. ear training
  • When not to give your chorus a conventional “lift”
  • Editing your song, even the main title and hook so it brings your idea to a better light
  • How to use space in your song
  • What does “prosody” mean?
  • Economy of lyrics
  • Does your song need a bridge?
  • Collaborating with Royal Wood and Lawrence Katz
  • Keeping track of and building a bank of your song ideas

We also welcome Linda Lavender who will be helping out on the tech board in the future. Thanks and welcome aboard Linda!

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Beauty in the Grey

Deliver Me

Show date:  Jan. 14, 2018

We talked about the first songs that resonated with us as kids.

Stuff We Talked About:

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Show date:  Dec. 31, 2017

Join the gang as we go over our favourite bits of the last year and lots more stuff!

We talked about:

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Show date:  Dec. 26, 2017

Neel, Bruce, Vanessa, Anthony, and Phil

Bruce, Neel, Phil and Vanessa each shared a song that meant something to them for the holidays. Bruce featured a song from a series of The Beatles releases from 1964 to 1969 that he and his brothers bought each other for Christmas. Vanessa brought in a ballet number from her childhood as a dancer. Phil showcased a feel-good (well, except for the drunk tank) song from the Pogues. And Neel featured a song from his childhood that may have played a role in his wanting to be a musician.

We also talked about:

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