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Show date:  Oct. 25, 2020

Having just released both a French and English version of her latest single, “Self-Talk Session”, Montreal based pop/funk singer Izabelle reached #1 on Quebec’s Niky radio charts and has spent weeks within their top ten, secured four consecutive victories in the Canadian Beats Weekly Beatdown, and has had the English version of her hit single added to numerous radio stations across the country. Add in her vibrant, professionally produced music videos in both French and English, it’s easy to see how Izabelle is securing her space as an artist who can dominate in both the Francophone and Anglophone markets across the country.

Her album “Version 2.0”, released in both French and English (below), features legendary local musicians from local band The Brooks, and others who have worked with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion and many more iconic artists.

We talked about:

Show date:  Oct. 20, 2020

Neel, Phil, and Mike

This week SongTalk featured a few songs from our listeners. And it was loads of fun.

We chose three of our listeners’ songs to take a closer listen to.

Stuart Cook – near Manchester, England penned a delightful song inspired by the view from a hill near his home. Earthbound, his song has a traditional feel with a beautiful vocal melody. Download the lyrics for Earthbound.

Matt Oshin – a singer/songwriter/surfer influenced by the Florida coastal sounds has created a very honest and moving song about life without a father. Download the lyrics to Come Back.

Scott Westerman – a postman in South Yorkshire England, presented us with a wonderfully produced tune that deals with the difficulty of starting over after a heartbreak. Download the lyrics to Out of the Cold.

These compositions led to many good discussions like:

Show date:  Oct. 12, 2020

Neel, Phil, and Mike

This week we were saddened by the passing away of guitar icon Eddie Van Halen. We talked about his amazing talent and some more stuff.

We talked about:

Show date:  Oct. 10, 2020

Neel plays a track off his latest EP with special guest Lexie Jay from local TO Duo, Featurette.

Ace Symmetry is Neel Modi’s experimental EP of progressive electro-pop. Odd time signatures and nonsensical lyrics are combined with inventive beats, cool synth sounds, and catchy keyboard solos to create a unique and fun sonic experience. The EP is designed to be listened to in order and with gapless playback.

We talked about:

Show date:  Oct. 03, 2020

Gilbert, Phil, Neel, and Mike

This week Song Talk Radio welcomed Gilbert Neal to our studio.

A master song craftsman, Gilbert Neal – on his latest release Mistakes of Memory shows the depth and diversity of his influences: Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Stephen Sondheim. Relying on his mastery of musical theatre and zeal for classic prog, Neal has crafted a narrative of longing and disconnection, a timeless pop curio that recalls nothing so much as the adventurousness of ‘70s rock. Yet in his mastery of rock, funk, folk, blues, jazz, and even musical theatre, he embodies the modern pop artist: an intrepid tourist of styles.

We talked with Neal about:

  • the inspiration and concept behind Mistakes of Memory
  • how working as a solo artist has freed him creatively
  • the way songs work together to form a larger whole
  • the process he uses to create a concept album
  • using key modulations in his songs


ttps:// at Wampus, the record company he records for.

Twitter: @MrGilbertNeal
Apple Music: