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Show date:  Nov. 10, 2019

Ahmed, Neel, Ritah, Mike, and Phil

We celebrated six years on Song Talk Radio with a little reminiscing, a few songwriting tips, and some random stuff. We talked about:

Show date:  Oct. 27, 2019

Neel, Ritah, Adi, Mike, Ahmed, and Phil

Beige Shelter is an ambitious and eclectic five piece band from Toronto that brings fire, passion and a political conscience to their music. Through electrifying live performances, the band showcases both original songs and interesting twists on cover songs. Beige Shelter is currently working on their 2nd EP release. Lead singer and vocalist Adi Aman dropped by to talk about the progression of their sound – and other stuff. Beige Shelter’s drummer was already here, ’cause he’s our co-host Neel Modi!

We talked with Adi and Neel about:

  • how the band translates Adi’s ideas
  • where the lyrical ideas come from and how they connect to the causes the band supports
  • which comes first – lyrics or music?
  • the difference between the first album and the upcoming new release