Join us for our 2nd Annual Songwriting Challenge!

We invite our listeners to join us for our latest songwriting challenge. This year, we’re challenging ourselves to:

write a song where the chord progression never changes.

Neel, Mike, and Phil each wrote a song for the challenge, and we shared our answers on the January 26, 2021 episode. Replies from our listeners will be shared on the February 16 episode.

So please send us your answer to the songwriting challenge. Send your mp3 and your lyrics to by February 9, and we’ll feature your song on February 16.

Be sure to check out our special theme episode on, you guessed it, songs where the chord progression never changes! Good luck!

Fresh Content

Show date:  Feb. 21, 2021

Mike, Neel, and Phil

We got a ton of great submissions to our 2nd Annual Songwriters Challenge: Write a song that uses the same chord progression for the Verse, Chorus and Bridge, here are the first 4 selections.

  • Sadie Aliza- Dirty Introvert
  • Lorenzo Policelli – Tessler_s Bagel Shop
  • Mike Davies – An Algorithm Said – AndersonofaPainter
  • Don Thompson – Interstellar Love

We talked about:


Show date:  Feb. 17, 2021

Mike, Phil, Neel, Brendan, and Adrian

This week SongTalk welcomed Brendan and Adrian from The Fugitives to our studio.

The Fugitives are a folk collective headed by songwriters Adrian Glynn and Brendan McLeod. They’re joined by banjo player Chris Suen (Viper Central) and violinist Carly Frey (The Coal Porters). Over the past twelve years, they’ve earned a reputation for unforgettable live shows, brimming with complex harmonies, infectious storytelling and top-notch musicianship.

In November, they released a new album – Trench Songs. These songs were written by frontline soldiers during WW1. Essentially protest songs, they were often parodies of well-known tunes. The Fugitives have rewritten new melodies and music for these words, continuing folk music’s long tradition of reshaping songs over time—the same way soldiers reshaped these songs in the trenches.

We had a great conversation with Adrian and Brendan…

Including topics like:

  • the way this project originated as a play, then a movie and finally a record
  • how recording other people work help refine the group’s own songwriting
  • how lyrics can suggest melodies
  • how the music business has changed
  • what did they change to make old songs contemporary




Show date:  Feb. 07, 2021

Phil, Kathy, Mike, and Neel

Bass player, guitarist, and songwriter with the 80s all-girl band The Go Go’s, Kathy Valentine, joined us from her home in Austin, Texas to talk about co-writing with the Go Go’s and her solo career. Kathy also recently published a hard-hitting memoir of her life as a musician (she’s been at this for over 40 years!) called All I Ever Wanted – purchase it here.

We talked about:

Show date:  Jan. 31, 2021

Neel, Phil, and Mike

Neel, Michael and Phil show off their response to the 2nd Annual Songwriting Challenge: A song that uses the same chord progression for Verse, Chorus and Bridge.

What are your fav 1-Chord-Progression Songs? Let us know in the comments.

The Stuff:

The death of Phil’s old Line6 BassPOD

The Other Side by Neel Modi – Lyrics

Out of Reach by Michael Proudfoot – lyrics

How Can You Stay by Phil Emery – lyrics

Other 1-Chord Progression Songs:

(bridge is different tho)

And check out our episode on popular songs with one chord progression!


Show date:  Jan. 26, 2021

Neel, Mike, Phil, and Jay

This week SongTalk welcomed Jay Gordon Wright to our show.

Jay a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and performer who has entertained audiences around the world. He is classically trained on violin, and has expanded his musical toolshed to include just about every instrument he can get his hands on. Writing songs at the piano or with a guitar, his trademark style often includes dense vocal arrangements, vintage textures, and earworm melodies.

We had a great chat with Jay about his new EP Fall For Anyone and his song Take Your Time from that release. It is a wonderfully melodic pop song, brilliantly crafted with certain Beatle-esque touches. And that led to a great discussion about the Beatles. So check it out.

Download the lyrics for Take Your Time to follow along.

We talked with Jay about:

  • his process for writing and where inspiration comes
  • how to acknowledge your influences and still chart your own path
  • analog versus digital recording
  • the way song structure can used as a tool to express your musical ideas
  • his digital concert series in support of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

Find Jay Gordon Wright here: